When I was in mid-school we used to go on school trips every year. School trips where never complete without the playful train journey. During one such journey, there was a friend of mine who was reading a book while the rest of us were having fun chatting. I hold a weird admiration for people who read books while traveling. The thought of me having a book and reading was something cool, but the only thing that stopped me from doing so was the lethargy I had towards reading a 300-page book. Yet, I was so determined this time that I went directly to her and asked a few suggestions on starting up with reading and she gave me a few tips and also suggested to me with a list of book names that I even couldn’t pronounce.

Once the trip got over the first thing which was in my mind was to get a book. So I went to the nearest book store with my mom and got a book called ” The execution of Sherlock homes”. I then came home, set my mood and started to read. I was so drained only to notice that I just completed the preface. Crossing the first chapter was like swimming the ocean, most of the words felt complex as a result, I spent more time referring to a dictionary than the book in the first place. At that point, my laziness took control and eventually I quitted reading.

Even though I quitted reading, the love I had towards collecting fancy paperbacks never ended. There was a book fair happening in our town which grabbed every book-heads attention. I also very badly wanted to visit the fair so I pressured my parents to take me to the fair which they finally did. There, a fancy looking book cover engraved with golden letters caught my eyes, until then I never knew that this book would give me an entirely different perspective of reading a book and would get me pinned towards reading from then on. And that book was “Divergent” the first book of its trilogy. I brought the book home, made a solid plan to complete it in the next 30 days. As per the plan, I started reading 10 pages per day and by the end of the month, I successfully completed my first fiction book. To my surprise, I loved the way it felt to read a book, and as everyone say I too got literally transported to the world of the author and experienced the entire story there. Which for me, was a first time experience.

The love for books started from there and it never ended and there was also something a little laggy about me, and that was me being a slow reader. All my reading friends complete books in a week or so but it always took me at least a month to read one. But I never regret taking time to read books because longer the time I take it makes me more attached to the story and it is something comparable to watching a TV show for months where you get the connect with the character usually which you cannot if you binge-watch.