Gratitude is the highest and healthiest form of satisfaction. Do not be self-centered. Remember the infinite amount of blessings that you have around you and stay thankful”

– Dinesh

Sometimes, we are not pleased with the stuff we have in our life and frustration sets in. It is at this moment when we need to pause our lives for a moment and start thinking deeper on the inside. There are people out there praying for blessings and opportunities.

Think about the destitute, the impoverished, or the needy. Think about the physically disabled and those who have diseases. Heck, think about those out there who don’t even have an identity for themselves.

Alternatively, start thinking about the beautiful and precious life you have. Think about the beautiful family that you were born into. Think about how they love you. Think about your friends and other people who love you the most. Think about how special and unique you are. Think about where you’re from and your purpose in this world. Think about those precious 5 senses that God has given you.

Think about that healthy heart inside you that’s beating non-stop and the way its pumping blood to your body everwhere in order to keep you alive. Think about the beautiful mind, body, and soul that you have. Step outside and think about the free oxygen that you’re breathing.

The tiniest things in life really do matter. Start setting goals and keeping yourself busy. Administer yourself to the needs of others so that they’ll run their lives in the most effective way possible. Help and uplift those around you by acting as a blessing for them. Satisfaction will start to set in.

During this pandemic, spend as much time with your family as you can and enjoy every second with them. Appreciate even the smallest things that you have in life and everything will start to make sense. Stay sincere, honest, and grateful. We have so much to be thankful for. Count your current blessings while they last. Everything in life’s a blessing. Life’s a true blessing. You are a blessing.