It’s often with people who you trust, to whom you share the most awful feelings, weird worries, all your personal thoughts in simple words you share everything from tip to toe and also feel hiding some thoughts where you feel with no cause it’ll hurt them. You make it perfect with every possible way u can!

Later after months passed people come in and out between you and the one whom your heart expects for! Gradually the feel of distancing intolerance impatience all would just come and dump on your bond.

You have nothing to do! No doors open no keys to unlock, literally nothing! Because when every move of your person is known to everyone and rather it comes to you as a message every issue goes hidden then these finally give you the result called “betrayal”.

It has become easy for people to console-like give a smile, ignore all, burn up such thoughts, etc, But that’s actually heartbreaking which shatters your entire nervous system and pokes your BP to hit up when that’s your BEST FRIEND!

And now evenyou too Brutus!” has become my daily status. End of the day you have no one named BEST FRIEND and it’s you to forgive yourself, shut all your thoughts and have your mode on

Life goes on, it never has it’s extremity! ~ I Learnt.

Thank You for this feel. You made me remember my old friend “BETRAYAL”-a good play!