Ben Carson

Just another boy in the school
Trudging his way across corridors
Silent hallways,
Tap tap tap
Teachers walk by hurriedly.
Among hundreds of other kids
He manages to live, survive.

Dark, small and silent –
Ben Carson perched at the last bench.
Never answered questions,
His life rolled from days to months.

Bullied and bruised
He cannot live without getting noticed
For his lanky self
This boy knew not how
Anger that erupt can also
Be pacified.
Every time he either breaks hands
Legs or sometimes
In reflex could have
Almost took another’s life.

On a very ordinary day
His single mother gifts him a
Oh! Glory to God!
He can read the blackboard now.

He can see
He can see from the last bench in the class
Was he blind? Were his eye not working enough?
Who knew? He had not bothered.

It did not take a long time.
Carson sped ahead in class
His scores raced to the top
His peers awed at his changeover
His bullies now thought twice before
When it was Carson.

His mother juggled three to four jobs
She told his son to read
Read and grow
Watch less television
Let words inspire
Initially resisting his mother’s strict regime
Carson soon found it gratifying.

His sole prompter
His company
And guide
The Holy Bible took him
His little heart, his hand.

From his tiny self to the teenager
Carson always heard his mother say
If anything goes wrong,
” you have yourself to blame”.
Carson grew up being accountable
To himself, to others and to God.

Being brought up a single woman,
Getting ahead as a black among whites,
To winning scholarships,
Acquiring a medical seat,
To successfully becoming
Most loved, respected and kind Surgeon,
Ben Carson came a full circle.

From a childhood
That looked bleak,
To a hard-earned major social influence
Surgeon was blessed by the almighty
With “Gifted Hands”.

Any surgery, any complications
Most risky undertakings,
His Midas touch
And loo! Cure is imminent.

Bringing light to many hopeless lives
Doctor lives on.
To all the times to come.