Being Boyle

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has given the world a lot to cherish. Peraltiago stole our hearts. Holt was instantly iconic. We wished to have the badassery of Rosa combined with the attitude of Gina. Terry made us crave for yoghurt and we too referred to ourselves in third person, though it was much less cool. Even Hitchcock and Scully were goals. But there is only one person who showed us how to live our life, and that’s Charles Boyle a.k.a Mr.Inappropriate.

There’s only one thing that Charles is better at than being a cop, and that’s being a good human. In a world where showing love can sometimes be considered clingy or even annoying, Boyle never runs out of it. He literally took a bullet for a friend. Rosa survived, and we have Boyle’s butt to thank for that.

Is there anyone or anything Boyle loves more than Jake? He shows so much love that even when Jake returns the favour, it seems not enough. Through all of Jake’s ups and downs, Boyle was right by his side as his biggest cheerleader(sorry Amy). Even we have friends who we love the same way, but seldom show it. Charles teaches us that you can, as friends are meant to be cherished.

His love for food may be the only thing that rivals his love for Jake. He has a weekly email blast about it for crying it loud. His uncompromising approach towards food is a lesson that just sharing pictures of food alone doesn’t make you a foodie. You have to have the perfect mouth feel, palette, bud density and emotional connection for it.

Genevieve and Nikolaj (bet Charles is correcting you right now) give Charles’ life purpose. His soulmate is game for all of Charles’ quirks and Nikolaj idolises Boyle. You know it’s a happy house when the harshest punishment given is a stern “I Love You”. It makes you realise that even when people say ‘anyone but you’ or use you just for the alimony,we should never lose hope. There is always a person waiting to share their Takoyaki with you.

He saved Amy and Jake’s wedding, knowing how much it’d crush them(mostly him). His weird lover-cum-sister relationship with Gina taught that you needn’t hold back your love for someone irrespective of the change in dynamic. His ridiculing of Terry’s fitness just shows how each one should be confident of how we are and not be intimidated by others. His professionalism with Holt shows how one can earn the respect of the people you look upto just by doing your duty.

It speaks volumes of the world we live in, that such a character is needed to show that being ourselves and loving everyone isn’t that bad. So what are you waiting for? Time for you to just get out there and spread your legs! No wait… I meant wings. Sorry.