Have you heard the phrase “Beginnings always hide themselves in ends”? It is not a phrase actually. It is a line from the song Move on by Mike Posner. So, we all know that every ending has a beginning. It’s just we don’t expect a beginning in every ending.

Endings may be so tragic or even worse but beginnings are exciteful. Sometimes things don’t start as we predicted. It’ll be a bad start but it’s not the end.

Every day begins with sunshine which shines right on your face, clearing all the dust from the past and makes you shine brighter than before along with the sunshine.

So, every day is a beautiful day, don’t let it get away. Every happiness begins with a smile, every journey begins with a story, every life begins with harmony and every memory begins with us.

So, my friend Kanishkan started this idea of setting up a new platform for all the writers and also for the bibliophiles. He has just begun. Can we make his beginning a wonderful one?