Be Yourself

To those who have come here, I have a condition before you start reading this blog. I want you to have a full 36-megawatt smile now, like right now!! Ok so now that you are smiling, you can proceed with the reading.

Be yourself, believe yourself, love yourself, etc, etc. I hope you have heard these lines many times before right??

And yes, lines like these are way easier said than done. And when it comes to people we do exactly the opposite. With other people, we have too much to say and too little to do and needles to add we are lousy at prioritizing people.

We always have that one person who is the most important to us. That one person who is on top of everything. Why do we do that?? It is because we have trust and immense love for that person. Keeping a person on top of everything is completely fine.

But for once let yourself be the top priority of you. For once keep your self above that person. Give yourself the priority that you so freely give others. You could try it at least once, maybe as an experiment!! Because sometimes being selfish can do a lot of good to you when it comes to love. So start loving yourself more than you love someone else. You can’t love others if you’re not loving yourself.

Just portray yourself how you are and for sure people may get bored of you they may even start to ignore you, but don’t change. Never change yourself for the sake of others. You are fine the way you are. Your habits don’t need to be changed unless they are deliberately hurting you and the people around you.

People will always judge you by your attitude and you have to understand that attitude doesn’t define who you are and also so their judgments, it doesn’t. Only a few people understand the character of yours which is deep down hidden in you. Some of them may even know you better than you know yourself but keep in mind that all of it happens only if you understand your value.

So start by accepting who you are and be the way you want to. It’s okay if your originality doesn’t attract people. It’s okay if your originality gets people bored. But be a little pure and unadulterated without any layer of makeup to your attitude for the sake of others. And even if nothing goes right take a deep breath, paste a smile, and move on. Because that is what life is, right!