Far away, somewhere in Asia, amid the lap of sky touching mountains, Amber, a decent lady of 40, stood at the tombstone of a grave. All drenched in tears her visage resembled a withered rose with sprinkled dew. Her drooping eyes were bent with sadness & her sparkling tears presented an image of a blinking lantern. . .Whilst Amber was all eyes at the tombstone, the clouds in the sky gazed at her as if they were waiting for a spark to act.

Slowly, Amber sat beside the grave, and mumbled. “My child! O the reason of my smiles….O my love my Hayat!!… Her voice shivered…  “That day, when you stood against the epitomes of Cruelty & raised your voice for the poor & gave your life . . .is still afresh in my heart. I can’t forget how they silenced you even at such a tender age of 14. They had no mercy son; they were heartless!! Being in the pride of power, they snatched you from me…emptying the lap of a mother…” She sobbed  & gathered her self while the clouds still stared at her.

She continued, “ but, bu-t, you know son! your sacrifice has ignited the fire of rebellion in the weak lot against the feudal Lords… they have sworn to stand for their rights, they have sworn to take revenge of every spot of blood of the innocent that the Feudal dropped…I am proud of you my son, you aren’t dead, you are Hayat my Hayat … YOU ARE ALIVE, BE A WITNESS O SKY that my child is Hayat in every child around…” She roared as the sparks of revenge blazed in her somber eyes.

The clouds in the sky that were all ears to the roar of a mother’s wounded heart, moved fast, faster, hugged each other & wore their stormiest attire to welcome the thunderstorm that was about to hit the palaces of the Feudal Gods …

As the sky roared, hundreds of shouting cries “revenge!” headed towards the palaces of the “earthly gods” that startled Amber with a roar of “Hayat, Hayat, Hayat…revenge!”Amber took a deep sigh, gathered her thoughts, looked at the sky, wiped her tears, shared some words with God, closed her eyes and smiled.