All we need is a chance!

A chance to prove ourselves right.

A change to make it up for what we messed up.

A chance to showcase who you are.

A chance to reverse the endings.

A chance to live some moments again.

A chance to make your long lost wish to happen.

A chance to say a proper goodbye.

A chance to undo things we regret the most.

A chance to explain your hollow heart.

A chance to break the shell and shine.

A chance to put somebody again above all.

A chance to have the right to a second chance.

A chance to eradicate everything that destroys us.

A chance to be the original version of you.

A chance to forgive ourselves for falling into the wrong hands.

A chance to make the right decision once in our lifetime.

A chance finally to turn a new leaf and become the star the world recognizes and adores, your tribe loves and celebrates. 

One last chance to take up your dignity and feel dignified.

And yeah all we need is just one bloody chance!