I am so alone

This pain, I can feel it in each of my bone

It is just so empty inside of me

Feels like I am the only leaf left in my tree

Deep inside, I have this urge to shout

For once, I need someone to hear me out

Blaming myself is making it worse

It is like I am under a curse

It has been a very long while

Since I even wanted to put on a genuine smile

My heart has a deep bruise

All I am now is a goose

No one adores me or maybe even tries to

My life has always been completely blue

I can feel this intense pain

Like it is running deep within every of my vain

Dragging me towards being insane

Making me a bane

Every single day, I take a step forward in this darkness filled lane

Still, instead of noticing, everyone pushes me aside

I feel that even before meeting death, I have died.