We an exciting combo of three, who have vacillating thoughts over every little thing unite here by the very thought of weaving words to cherish every nook and corner of Literacy!

We are basically attempting to bring up the nurturing young minds to explore the soulful world of Literature where every one of you can enjoy the fullest of it without any Hierarchies.

Daddyoda is born to bring in some masterpiece of literature that lacked proper recognition before on other social sites and blogging communities into the limelight.

Well, now to put it in a nutshell we work towards the wellness of the literate community, to help them reach a new phase, to create better admirers of the great work in literature.

Daddyoda will let you taste the flavors of fine writings. It indeed motivates individuals to enhance their dexterity to write through the contest that is posted and daily prompt regularly.

So, Get cheered and come out to work with us! Let’s work towards wisdom in Lieu of knowledge!! We hope Daddyoda sets a new milestone for the dynamic minds out there!!!


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    Barath is a creative graphic designer. He has been searching for ways to help others while invoking his passion to his work. Daddyoda is one of his ventures created with all his passion and love just to help new writers like him. Wishes from him for an amusing experience and endeavour through DY.



    Hari Prasad is a curious explorer who keeps on trying diverse options to recognize his capability and interest. And “Daddyoda” is one of his initiatives with his peer fellows to support emerging bloggers and writers to make it easy for them to reach their words globally.



    Kanishkan is a Web enthusiast and an occasional blogger. He’s always on a quest for artistic content. He strongly believes Daddyoda would unfold various opportunities for longing admirers and creators.

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