Twenty past eight in the blackness of Mid-Town. Andy and Marshall went sneaking into Ron’s backyard. “I can’t carry this any longer Andy” mumbled Marshall with a strain in his voice. Marshall, Andy’s sidekick in High school carried a bucket full of water in one hand and a torch in another. “Only a few more steps Marshall” came a grunting voice ahead. They both reached Ron’s backyard pond after struggling for a while in the darkness. Andy’s ache for the Albino Pacu was strangling him whenever he saw Ron in school. Now his long desire to apprehend the white beauty is no longer far away. “COME-ON get the net Marshall!” yelled Andy in a low tone. “Oops, I left it at home Andy” sighed Marshall. “You are making me pissed ever than before Marshall. Ok now, You are going to use your useless hand to catch the fish”. Marshall gasped in agony and fought hard to catch the Pacu in his bare hands. “Yes, you did it Marshall! Now slowly put the beauty in the bucket.” Andy’s eyes couldn’t believe what it witnessed. They took the fish back to Andy’s house and put it into a glass tank.


The next day, during lunch Ron was sitting all alone in the cafeteria. His nearly soaked face resting in his arms was a sight Andy couldn’t deny watching. Although Andy knew the cause of Ron’s sobbing, he awkwardly wanted to comfort him. “Hey what’s the matter Ron” questioned Andy. “You know how much I cared for my Albino Pacu An. It…It suddenly went missing today. It was soo special to me. You know what, it was my last gift I got from my dad before he died. I can’t believe this happened An” Ron gasped for air while sobbing. Hearing this made Andy startled. He deprecated every thought about stealing the Pacu. The whole day Andy never looked up straight. His head was heavy with regrets engulfing him.


Andy later confronts his mother about the whole thing. “Andy I know how guilty you feel right now. But remember being truthful to oneself is what always matters. The only thing you could do right now is to speak nothing but the truth to Ron and return him the fish.” Andy straight away took the Pacu, knocked at Ron’s house. “Hey, Andy, What’s up,” said Mrs. Fletcher (Ron’s mother). “Hi, Mrs. Fletcher. Is Ron home?” “Yeah, wait a sec I’ll call him Andy.” Ron trudged to the portico still looking dark. “Hello Ron” Andy started. “I need to make a deep confession to you.” Ron got puzzled. “I wanted to keep this straight, I stole your Pacu, and I am sorry for that.” Andy handed over him the Pacu in the bucket and walked out straight. Feeling quite relieved accepting his mistake Andy realized, Being honest no matter what the world has to offer you is the best thing one can do.