A farewell letter to a friend in “heaven”


             Hey how should I address you either as a friend or as a sister or as a mother or as a defender and what not you have been in my life, literally you have played all the possible roles in my life. I just want to let you know that I’m sorry for all the misinterpretation I’ve done. The love you showed towards me is something totally poles apart, and you have manifested me that not all promises are fake. Whenever I feel low I just read the  letter you gave me some years back. Broadly people say that our parents are the one who celebrates are success wholeheartedly probably they might have not seen you celebrating my success… thanks for tolerating all my claptrap.

And I am sorry for all the stupid shits have done, I know my behaviors have broken you into pieces  but do you know what is so special about you, you still shower the same love and care towards me with all those pieces…, am enormously sorry for breaking you at times you are the most amazing person I have never meet in my life and am really proud to tell the world that I have a soul that cares for me without any expectation. 

It has been almost four months but still my heart pause a rhythm my eyes are filled up with tears and my mind with thousands of memories of us.  i miss your innocent smile , your matured behavior and the way u treated me the love u showed towards me the support u gave me or maybe the way u went upset when u saw me crying. An empty space can be filled up with many things but the space u left in my life cannot be filled up by anyone  & no one is worthy enough to fill up it up. I wish u come back  arivu