A day in my life

A day is not just a single day, It’s 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds. Things may change upside down in that single day. Yes, of course, it happened in my life.”Life is not always a bed of roses”, I know everybody has their own problems.

But at a certain point in my life, problems chased me like a thunderstorm. I struggled a lot, a big war broke out inside my head. On that night, Darkness of negativity surrounded me. Voices yelled in my head. It said to me, “You are useless and you are a burden to this world”.I tried to come out from the depths of depression, but the negative thoughts hit my head and defeated me. It drove me to quit my life. Yes, I did it. I just closed my eyes and recalled all the best memories of my life. I then took an overdosage of sleeping pills and I said to myself,” Everything is gonna end and you can’t see this world again”, then I closed my eyes. The next morning, I opened my eyes in heaven. I felt like I was reborn.

The world seemed to be new to my eyes. That morning, I got a ray of hope. That fine day showered me with positive energy. The darkness of negativity is now glowing with the light of positive vibes. That day I realized the value of life. The pictures of patients struggling for life came into my mind. Thoughts of soldiers, who fight at the border and sacrifice their lives for our comfort rolled in my head. I realized, what a foolish decision I took the previous night. Thank lord! It was not a sleeping pill, it was a vitamin tablet taken mistakenly in the darkness. That small mistake saved my life.

That day I realised, “My life has a purpose and only God has the power to give and take life”.
From that day, I started to live a new life. I started to think and spread positive vibes. I started to help the needy and search for purpose of my life. That’s how just in 24 hours my life changed upside down!!!