3 a.m

Swollen eyes
staring at the dark room
Anxious heart
filled with pain and gloom
Frightened soul
Felt choked
from the brimming emotions
Quivering hands
Felt like
Drowning in a devil’s ocean

Caged inside their
own maze of memories
With no path that led out
Carrying drowsy and tired eyes
But, no dreams or ambitions
to talk about

They are like the prisoners
forced to live inside this dark jail
Their innocent soul is the convict,
and, this precious life is their hell.

Even the silver moonlit sky
And twinkling stars
Couldn’t give them peace
For them, a true laugh
and genuine smile just cease to exist

If you think you know them
Trust me, you don’t
For, you haven’t seen them
Behind the closed doors

Waking up
with a hope of
A better tomorrow
Into the arms of
the morning light
Leaving their scars
and tears
Their fear and emotions
A contagious laugh
and amused smile
Adding colours
and making room bright

Talking and hearing
about depression
give chills to their soul
Yet, listening to other’s
speaking their heart
About the feelings
that they themselves
could never control

“You don’t have to go through pain.”
Is what they are told
“The secret of happiness”
Is what they hold.

Mother entered his room that day
Plopped down on his bed
“Talk to me, will you?”
He nodded.

Knowing she wouldn’t understand
what he is going through.
How should he explain his behavior

The panic attacks that
strikes his soul at midnight
The pain that fills his heart
The tired eyes but, sleepless nights
How should he explain his mother
about his 3 a.m maze
For, she considers these emotions
as another modern catchy phrase