13 Reasons Why❤️

Helmet is what she called him

That’s how she inserted his name in her sim

Together they had truckloads of good times

Clay was the only one who didn’t take away her happy rhymes


Losing Hannah was one of his biggest fears

That’s why every thought of her memory, made him break in tears

Nearly at end of the tape

Which included everything she suffered from including her rape


There was ray of shine

Clay’s name didn’t make to sinner’s line

She mentioned how Clay’s kindness in him was reserved

Which made her feel that Clay is someone whom she never would have deserved


His heart cries

Because with her, he lost all ties

He loved Hannah so much

All he wants now is to again feel her touch


If only she knew the love Clay had

She might never have to be sad

If only she saw

That it wasn’t her in whom there lied a flaw

If only she took this self-introspection dive

Today she might have been alive.